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What We Do


Allow us to ship the party to you. Party2Go is designed for people who live out of the area or state. Please contact us and we will be happy to customize a Party2Go for you.

Partys2Go will be shipped directly to you and it will include the following :

8 x 10 frame with a color print of why your chose to donate to this cause and where your donation is going to.

Hang tags, personalized with your story on one side and the other side is blank for your guest to write a note.

Directions will be provided on your activity

We will include photographs of how to set up your table for a smooth running operation.

Directions where to send your project

A gentle reminder to request your Tax Deductible certificate for your in-kind donation from the organization.

Should you require help in locating an organization to donate to, we would gladly assist you with this. Or feel free to ship them back to us and we will donate them for you.

Contact us for a quote

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