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What brought us together

Through our own unique experiences, we have partnered together to share our passions and expertise with you. We have already made a difference in so many peoples' lives. We will make a difference in your life and your child's life so that your child can make a difference in the world. Allow us the opportunity to create something exceptional.

Lisa Kodimer

Lisa Kodimer is the Founder of Good Deeds in Motion. The company was born after Lisa's many years of
volunteering in the community. Lisa was further inspired by her son's vision of starting a special needs baseball program. What started as her son's Bar Mitzvah Project, the Westhills Champions baseball division has blossomed into a program that inspires over 40 special needs kids, over 80 volunteers and the lives of numerous families within the community. Lisa's mentoring has created a ripple effect in the community and has changed the lives of many young people.


After 17 years of owning a boutique, Lisa sold it and found her real purpose…GIVING BACK!


Lisa was raised in Woodland Hills and has lived in the area most of her life. She married the boy next door who she has known since the age of 2 years old. Lisa and her husband have two beautiful boys who keep them very busy. Lisa Graduated from Cal State Northridge with a degree in Child Development and her emphasis was Special Education.

Bronwyn Spencer

Bronwyn Spencer born in Zimbabwe and went to live in South Africa during Middle School. She is married with
two children.  She has a degree in Radiology Technology and has worked in South Africa and the USA. After working in many hospitals, she decided to branch out and teach in the field of Radiology as a Clinical Imaging Specialist, which required her to travel extensively worldwide, training physicians and technologists on CAT Scan Equipment. 

She loves to volunteer and has spent much time with special needs children. Her passion for special needs children started at the age of twelve when she used to volunteer each weekend at a home for disabled and deaf children. She has a special needs niece in South Africa, who constantly inspires and teaches her about life through a different set of eyes and says, “don’t sweat the small stuff”.

Currently she volunteers much of her time at her children’s school, Kadima Day School, where she has served on Kadima’s Board of Trustees and is currently a Co- President of the PTO.

Bronwyn is passionate about giving back and makes it her mission to educate and expose mainstream children to children with special needs and differences. She celebrates how each person is unique and special, how to recognize the importance of being accepting, tolerant and inclusive of people that are different. Everyone deserves love, friendship and companionship, regardless of any differences that set them apart.


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