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Good Deeds In Motion

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Rabbi Paul Kipnes

(Congregation Or Ami, Calabasas, CA)

Students who partner with Good Deeds in Motion create unparalleled Mitzvah projects that have meaning long after the party favors are put away. These inspiring leaders - Lisa Kodimer and Bronwyn Spencer - guide students and their families to develop personally meaningful, intensely effective, long lasting Mitzvah projects.

Especially in communities where the "party" often outshines the service, Good Deeds in Motion returns the "mitzvah" to Bar/Bat Mitzvah, thereby transforming the student, the family and the whole community.

You can wait a moment to contact the DJ or the giveaways; yet Good Deeds in Motion will uplift your family's experience from Day One!


With much gratitude,  Sharon Weiss

Just a quick note to tell you how grateful we are to Good Deeds in Motion for it's unbelievable work at Maya's Bat Mitzvah. All of our guest loved stuffing the bears and we can't wait to deliver them to Free 2 Be Me Dance as holiday gifts for some amazing dancers who are kids with Down Syndrome. It was quite an honor to be able to pay it forward at Maya's Bar Mitzvah celebration. We very much love and appreciate all you have done to make our simcha special.

Love, Lori Siegel

Good Deeds in Motion was a vendor at my daughter Rachel's Bat Mitzvah. With their help, Rachel and her friends and family stuffed more than 70 teddy bears and attached handwritten notes with prayers for healing to children they would never meet. Rachel, Alexa and I went with Lisa and Bronwyn of Good Deeds in Motion to deliver the bears to children at Children's Hospital.

The experience was such an eye opener for my daughters. While touring the hospital, they realized how fortunate they are to have their health, and felt so empowered and proud to have been able to play a small part in another child's recovery, which they understood may only be a smile or some comfort, and that was a lot! THANK YOU Lisa Schachtel Kodimer and Bronwyn Sher-Spencer.

Your passion for making the world a better place helped make Rachel's Bat Mitzvah celebration so much more meaningful than just another party. You truly helped us carry the vision of putting the "mitzvah" back into the celebration. Memories we will treasure forever!!

Joanie Allen - Catering Manager Hilton

I always know when it is a special party at the Hilton, because Good Deeds in Motion is part of the festivities. I look forward to seeing Lisa Kodimer and Bronwyn Spencer as they are truly extraordinary individuals. It is heartwarming to watch the love and passion they bring with them to each event.


Thank you, Karen Weimer

Working with Good Deeds in Motion has been a pleasure. I first met Lisa Kodimer through Westhills Champions where my son Andrew's plays baseball. Andrew has Autism and experiences many daily challenges that prevent him from functioning in different environments. Andrew was in desperate need of a service dog and after learning the costs were $12,500 I called Lisa to see how her company Good Deeds in Motion can help. Lisa and Bronwyn matched us with Jake Grossman and his family. Jake's Dream Team was conceived by Good Deeds in Motion as a way for the community to come together to reach our goals. We exceeded our goals in less than 2 months. My dream of providing an Autism service dog for my son has been fulfilled because of Jake, his team and Good Deeds in Motion. The community has given my son and extraordinary gift, a service dog from Pawsative Solutions. The dog will make a positive impact on his life and my families life.

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