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Good Deeds In Motion

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What We Do

Vendors with a Vision

Vendors with a Vision helps create a meaningful and incredible opportunity where everyone gets to GIVE BACK! Your guests will participate in a variety of projects that will be donated to a charity of your choice. After your event we will be happy to take you to deliver your donations. Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and UCLA Mattel are a few of many organizations who would love to meet you and receive your donations. Let your party be the one everyone remembers!

Activities we offer: stuffing bears & pillows, Caps for a Cure sports program, designing jewelry, making candles, assembling bags for the needy and more!

Your donation is tax deductible

If we can't be at your event, no worries! We can ship the party to you with Party2Go. In addition to the activity, we will also provide instructions on how to make your event a success!!

 Good Deeds In Motion
 Vendors with a Vision