What We Do

Good Deeds in Motion

What we do ?

Good Deeds in Motion is a company that designs and configures unique, customized projects to help people in the community find creative ways to give back.

How do we do it ?

We custom create each project based on the interests and passion that our clients have. We believe that if you are passionate and believe in something, you are more likely to continue doing it long-term, rather than one time out of obligation. We tie in an idea to an interest, for example: Jake’s Dream Team came from an idea of a young boy who loves baseball who wanted to make a difference. Good Deeds in Motion created an opportunity for Jake to raise funds through his passion, baseball. Jake raised over $12,500 for an 8 yr old autistic boy who desperately needs a therapy dog.

Who do you do this for?

We create leaders in the community of various ages. High school students want to be leaders, but find it difficult to come up with the right ideas and concepts that help them stand out in the community. Most universities prefer your high schooler to be a community leader, not only with volunteer hours, but showing consistent areas of leadership and volunteering. Whether it be through clubs at school, foundations that are set up for various donations, fundraisers to benefit others less fortunate, we are here to help you be successful and set you on the right path to success.

We work with younger teens to create meaningful and successful projects associated with their coming of age. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, Communions etc. Some of our projects happen because of a wish to give back. Every client has their own reason for wanting to make a difference, however, many have no idea how to make it happen or get started. We help you identify your area of interest and create something unique and special for you.  You love the idea and we point you in the right direction of leadership. Allow us to develop a plan for you as a leader in your community. After spending some time with you and understanding what you enjoy doing, we will transform an idea into an inspired and truly tailored project. We will show you how to be successful by branding it and creating your own logo.  We help you market yourself to the community and guide you to success.

We work with corporations and companies to encourage and empower employees to give back to the community. We also love working with families who want to own something specifically created for them, that they will continue as an ongoing family commitment within the community.

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Good Deeds In Motion

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